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When CNC Metal Spinning products with various thin-walled cross-section shapes, it is mainly to change the shape of the slab, while the thickness of the slab changes less, and this type of spinning is called ordinary spinning.
Whether the thickness of the head spinning is the same as the thickness of the cylinder mainly depends on the pressure range of .
The advantage of CNC Metal Spinning Machine is that the equipment and molds are relatively simple. In addition to the hollow rotating body that can be formed of cylindrical, conical, parabolic or other various curves, it can also process rotating parts of quite complex shapes.
Generally, the shape and size of the product, small forming thickness and non-destructive testing, etc., should be inspected and re-inspected in accordance with the regulations and relevant standards to ensure the overall quality of the head.
CNC metal spinning is a unique process that can be used to form complex shapes from aluminum steel, stainless steel, high strength and high temperature alloys, and many other metals. CNC metal spinning is a metal processing method by which a coil or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into axially symmetrical sections, usually by hand or with numerical control techniques.
When operating a Metal Spinning Machine, you should be very familiar with the location of the emergency stop button switch, so that you can press it without looking for it whenever you need to use it...
Metal Spinning Machine tool setting is often very annoying for the operator. This is time consuming, especially if multi-tool processing is required.
Due to the influence of material flow and stress rebound during the spinning process, the precision of the products processed by CNC Metal Spinning Machine cannot reach 0.04mm
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