What is the reason for the heating problem when the metal spinning machine is working


When the CNC metal spinning machine is running, the machine often overheats. This is mainly because the exhaust temperature of the CNC metal spinning machines is too high and the moving parts are very hot. Today, I will talk to you about several situations of overheating in CNC metal spinning machines.

1. Environmental issues

The main factors that affect the heat dissipation of the metal spinning machine are the following three phenomena: the machine is placed too close to the wall or other obstacles; there may be other heat sources nearby. For this, it is recommended to strictly follow the installation and installation of the CNC metal spinning machine. The use environment requires the installation and use of the metal spinning machine.

2. Radiator blockage problem

Since the environment around the CNC metal spinning machine may be full of dust, it will cause long-term operation and cause the dust or sludge layer to adhere to the surface of the radiator, thereby affecting the heat dissipation effect. A dirty oil filter may also cause a certain degree of overheating of the spinning machine. Because the oil filter of the CNC metal spinning machine will be too dirty to prevent the oil from entering the machine according to the normal flow, then the CNC metal spinning machine will heat up rapidly due to insufficient cooling and lubricating oil. Of course, the cooling oil level is too low. In this regard, it is suggested that the CNC metal spinning machine should be maintained and maintained regularly to avoid the occurrence of the above situation.

3. Due to low oil grade or poor oil quality

The CNC metal spinning machine should use the manufacturer's original special spinning oil. If other low-quality or low-quality oil is used, the back viscosity and specific heat may not meet the standard, and may cause problems such as excessive temperature.