Why is CNC Metal Spinning Machine very suitable for mass production?

The advantage of CNC Metal Spinning Machine is that the equipment and molds are relatively simple. In addition to the hollow rotating body that can be formed of cylindrical, conical, parabolic or other various curves, it can also process rotating parts of quite complex shapes. The disadvantage of traditional manual spinning is low productivity and high labor intensity, which is more suitable for small batch production. After the development of numerical control technology, the new numerical control metal spinning has been very suitable for mass production.
Large-scale CNC metal spinning machines are mainly used for spinning the heads at both ends of cement tankers and gasoline storage tanks. Due to their large volume and thick thickness, there is no way to manually spin them, and machines are generally used for work.
After the heads at both ends are spun, the pressure in the tank is increased, and the strength and sealing effect of the tank are increased. When large-scale spinning is not used in industry, welding is used. During the welding process, there are sand holes, and the liquid will flow out through the sand holes. Therefore, the requirements for welding are very high. Usually, the qualified rate of welded oil tanks is very low and the quality is not good. After using the spinning head, the reduced welding area has a very good effect on improving the qualification rate of oil tanks.
In recent years, there have been the emergence of super-large metal spinning machines, which can realize integrated spinning forming for large containers, completely eliminate the process of manual welding, and the qualification rate and production efficiency of spinning to produce large containers are 10 times higher than those of welding. about.
The application range of the spinning process is very wide, which is inseparable from its advantages, so this spinning process highlights this advantage:
1. The metal deformation condition is good. The contact area is small, the unit pressure is high, and it is suitable for processing high-strength materials that are difficult to deform.
2, a wide variety of products. According to the capacity of the spinning machine, it can produce large-diameter thin-walled pipes, special pipes, variable-section pipes, spherical, hemispherical, etc., so the application range is very wide.
3. High material utilization rate and low production cost.
4. The surface roughness of the product is low and the dimensional tolerance is small.
5. It can be made into a hollow part of an integral seamless revolving body, which fundamentally eliminates the disadvantages such as discontinuity, strength reduction, embrittlement and tensile stress concentration related to the weld.