The kettle is made by spinning


Some people say that the kettle is stamped out, but it is actually spun out. The kettle made by spinning technology is more cost-effective than traditional stamping.

The technology of spinning water jugs is suitable for warm metal sheets, such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, titanium, etc.

Kettle spinning machine design considerations:

1. Metal spinning is only suitable for the manufacture of rotationally symmetrical parts, and the ideal shape is hemispherical thin-shell metal parts;

2. For parts formed by metal spinning, the internal diameter should be controlled within 2.5m.

Step 1: Fix the cut circular metal sheet on the machine mandrel.

Step 2: The mandrel drives the circular metal plate to rotate at high speed, and the tool with the wheel starts to press the metal surface until the metal plate is completely attached to the inner wall of the mold.

Step 3: After forming is complete, the mandrel is removed and the top and bottom of the part are cut off for demoulding.

The kettle spinning uses metal spinning, which is a symmetrical rotational forming process for sheet metal. The main shaft drives the blank and the mold core to rotate, and then the rotating wheel exerts pressure on the rotating blank. Due to the rotary motion of the spindle of the spinning machine and the longitudinal and lateral feed motion of the tool, this local plastic deformation gradually extends to the entire blank, thereby obtaining hollow rotating body parts of various shapes.