How is the hot pot boiler spinning?


Do you know that in our daily life the hot pot boiler are made by metal spinning? And because the spinning process saves its manufacturing cost.

Spinning method: corrugated furnace liner spinning method, the steps are as follows:

1. Adjust the rotation speed of the cylinder to 3.5~5pm, so that the furnace can be locally evenly heated at 750~850℃ in the heating band;

2. Move the top pressure wheel to the position of the heating band, make the spinning wheel touch the surface of the cylinder section and feed the top pressure wheel slowly, each time the feeding amount is 1~2mm, and then continue to feed after the cylinder rotates for one week, while spinning The pressing edge is heated until the waveform reaches the predetermined depth shape;

3. At the same time, tighten the adjusting nut on the pressure plate shaft of the furnace tailstock fixture while spinning. The furnace heater is an intermediate frequency induction heater, the power of the intermediate frequency power supply is 1000Hz~2500Hz, and the heating time is 1.5×min/mm according to the wall thickness.

This method is not easy to cause spinning and crushing marks on the surface due to high temperature during spinning, which in turn affects the amount of thinning of the wall thickness, and the wave height and wave pitch are small.

The traditional way is to use the model pressing forming process to manufacture the corrugated furnace, which has many shortcomings, and it is difficult to guarantee its manufacturing quality.