A Metal Spinning Machine WLH-DRS650 arrived in India


The customer sent us the real shot of the machine arrival.


What needs to be checked when the new machine arrives:

1. Check the cleanliness of the appearance of the equipment and whether there are sundries in the hidden parts.

2. Check whether the internal structural components of the equipment are missing,

3. Check that the components are intact and undamaged, whether the fasteners are connected reliably, whether the pipelines are arranged neatly, and whether the fixing is reasonable. The main accessories are complete.

4. Check whether there are new strains, bruises, and grinds on the main shaft, guide rail surface, and sliding surface of the equipment,

5. Check that the signs of the equipment are clear, complete and firm

6. Check whether the equipment system can operate normally

7. Check whether the electrical instruments, protection devices and components are working properly

8. Others can also be inspected by ourselves according to the special parts customized by customers.