Several major common problems in aluminum and iron spinning

Today, I would like to introduce several common problems and solutions of aluminum and iron spinning:
1. Several common problems in aluminum spinning
(1) The inner wall of aluminum spinning parts is not smooth enough
Solution: The inner wall of aluminum spinning parts is not smooth, mainly because the surface finish of the mold is not good enough or the plate is not close to the mold during spinning. The mold can be polished or the gap between the spinning rollers and the mold can be improved.
(2) The outer wall of aluminum spinning parts is not smooth enough
Solution : The main reason why the outer wall of the aluminum spinning part is not sufficiently smooth is that the blank is not close to the spinning mold or the feed speed is unreasonable. In addition, using spinning rollers to make the outer wall smoother after the product is formed.
(3) Surface scraping in mass production of aluminum spinning parts
The melting point of aluminum is relatively low, and the temperature of the mold and spinning rollers will rise after a long period of mass production. After the surface of the spinning roller is partially sticky, the equipment processed products will be scratched. So, you need to re-polish the spinning rollers.
2. Several common problems in iron spinning
(1) Surface texture treatment of iron spinning
Solution: The hardness of iron is higher than that of aluminum, so the forming effect after spinning is not as obvious as that of aluminum spinning. Adjustable large rotary wheel, increase the spindle speed to improve the surface texture quality of the outer wall of the spinning parts.