Prevention of heat treatment deformation of CNC Metal Spinning Machine

The reasons for the deformation of CNC Metal Spinning Machine’s mold are often complicated. We need to understand the law of deformation, analyze the reasons, and prevent it in many ways, so as to reduce and control the deformation of the Metal Spinning Machine’s mold.
In general, the following methods can be used to prevent heat treatment deformation of sophisticated and complex Metal Spinning Machine’s mold .
(1) Reasonable selection of materials. For sophisticated and complex molds, mold steel with good material and fine deformation must be selected (such as air-quenched steel). For sections with high carbide segregation, moderate forging, quenching and tempering heat treatment must be carried out. Improved die steel, solution double heat treatment.
(2) The mold structure of the spinning machine should be reasonable, not too thick and symmetrical in shape. For the spinning die with large deformation, it is necessary to learn the deformation law and set the processing tolerance. It can be used for large, sophisticated and complex mold composite structures.
(3)The mold needs to be preheated to remove the residual stress generated during processing.