What are the commonly used mold materials and cutter wheel materials for Metal Spinning Machine?

1. 45# steel and CR12 steel are often used in Metal Spinning Machine mold materials
45# steel is usually used for aluminum spinning. 45# has low hardness, easy processing and low material cost. Due to the slow spinning speed of aluminum on the mold, 45-gauge steel is usually used to meet the demand. The service life of 45# steel spinning is 5 years.
If the inner wall surface of the product is bright, and the quality of the inner wall surface of the product is related to the surface quality of the mold, you need to choose CR12 steel as the mold material, which has higher hardness and better wear resistance after heat treatment, and polished after finishing. Mirror surface is available.
Iron spinning processing and stainless steel processing need to make CR12 steel molds. Due to the high hardness of iron and stainless steel materials, the mold wears more. 45# steel is easy to wear and the mold size becomes smaller, thereby causing the mold to be scrapped. The life cycle of CR12 steel molds for machining iron and stainless steel is 10 years.
2. Common materials for spinning cutter wheels are Cr12 steel, high-speed steel, and tungsten steel.
After heat treatment of Cr12 steel, the service life of aluminum products processed with cutter wheel is relatively long, while stainless steel and iron materials have higher hardness and higher processing temperature. After long-term use, CR12 will seriously damage the surface of the cutter wheel, and then scratch the surface of the molded product, or the grinding speed of the cutter is too fast, which affects the gap between the cutter wheel and the mold, resulting in instability. The hardness of the steel to the cutter wheel has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, but the toughness of the high-speed steel after heat treatment is not enough, and it is easy to collapse when the force is large. Spinning cutter wheel can also use CR12 plated tungsten steel surface to increase the hardness and wear resistance of the cutter wheel surface. When calendering is required for the surface of aluminum parts, tungsten steel can be used as the material for the calendered surface.