How does a Metal Spinning Machine effectively set the tool?

Metal Spinning Machine tool setting is often very annoying for the operator. This is time consuming, especially if multi-tool processing is required.
Generally, the setting methods of commonly used tools are as follows. Press and hold the easing tool setting, the easing key on the control panel, and touch the tip of the tool with the workpiece (ease twice in the X and Z directions). Then, return to the initial orientation to set (X, Z plan initial value), clear and get the initial orientation of the tool. After the test process, determine the initial orientation of each ground knife in turn and adjust it to the correct planned orientation (starting point). This method works smoothly without auxiliary equipment, but is time-consuming. In particular, each time a tool is reground, it must be adjusted from scratch, this method is suitable for simple procedures or commissioning initial equipment.

The machine has a self-test device for optional tool setting equipment, but it is cumbersome to operate and requires some preparation time. Suitable for multi-tool measurement, after the CNC tool is selected initially, the cutting tool will wear out and must be sharpened after a period of time. usually. After cutting the cutting tool, the direction of the tool tip changes. And need to reset the tool.