Precautions for operating CNC Metal Spinning Machine

When operating a Metal Spinning Machine, you should be very familiar with the location of the emergency stop button switch, so that you can press it without looking for it whenever you need to use it, and be sure to power off the machine before placing the fuse. Have enough working space to avoid danger. Water or oil can cause the ground to slip and cause danger. In order to prevent accidents, the work surface should be kept clean and dry.
Danger: Do not touch control devices, transformers, motors, junction boxes, high-voltage terminals and other live parts with hands (or non-insulated items), otherwise it will cause electric shock. Do not touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise, it will also cause an electric shock.
Before using the switch, be sure, don't make a mistake, don't touch the switch. If a task needs to be completed by more than two people, then we know that the automatic spinning machine is equipped with many safety devices at every step of the operation to prevent the operator and equipment from being injured and damaged.