What are the advantages of products processed by CNC Spinning Machine?

The CNC Spinning Machine has a very wide range of applications, which must be inseparable from the advantages of the spinning machine. So what are the more prominent advantages of this spinning process?   
1. The metal deformation conditions are good. During the spinning process, since the contact between the rotary wheel and the metal is almost point contact, the contact area is small and the unit pressure is high. It is suitable for processing high-strength and difficult-to-deform materials.
2. The range of spinning products is wide. According to the ability of the spinning machine, large-diameter thin-walled pipes, special pipes, variable-section pipes, spherical and hemispherical pipes can be produced, so the application range is wide.
3. High material utilization rate and low production cost.
4. The surface roughness of the product is low and the dimensional tolerance is small.
5. It can make integral and seamless rotary hollow parts, which fundamentally eliminates the disadvantages of weld-related discontinuity, strength reduction, brittle cracking and tensile stress concentration.

Of course, these are only part of the advantages of the spinning process. The spinning process is a process method with a wide range of applications and good effects.