How to extend the life of metal spinning machine

At work, the temperature of each part of the Metal Plate Spinning Machine has its own normal range. For example, the temperature of the general cooling water is 80-90℃, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic transmission system is 30-60℃. Below or beyond this range will accelerate the wear of parts, cause the deterioration of lubricating oil, and cause changes in material properties, etc.
Tests show that the main drive gears and bearings of various engineering all Metal Plate Spinning Machine run in lubricating oil at -5 °C, and the wear is 10-12 times larger than that of lubricating oil at 3 °C. But when the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the deterioration of lubricating oil.

For example, when the oil temperature exceeds 55-60 °C, the oxidation rate of the oil will double for every 5 °C increase in the oil temperature. For this reason, during the use of construction machinery, it is necessary to prevent low-temperature overload operation, ensure the normal operation of the low-speed preheating stage, and enable the machinery to reach the specified temperature before driving or working. Don't ignore it as there was no problem at the time.

Second, the machine must be prevented from operating at high temperatures. During the operation of the CNC Metal Spinning Machine , the values on various thermometers should be checked frequently, and the problem should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated in time. For those who can't find the reason for a while, don't let the machine leave without dealing with it. In normal work, pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system. For water-cooled machinery, it must be checked before daily work, and cooling water must be added; for air-cooled machinery, the dust on the air-cooled system should also be regularly cleaned to ensure that the cooling air ducts are unblocked.

The impurities in the CNC Metal Spinning Machine generally refer to the non-metallic substances such as dust and soil generated during the use of construction machinery, as well as some metal chips and wear products. Once these impurities enter the machine and reach the mating surfaces of the machine, it is very harmful. It will not only hinder the relative movement and accelerate the wear of parts, but also scratch the mating surface, destroy the lubricating oil film, increase the temperature of the parts, and deteriorate the lubricating oil.