Metal Spinning Machine Shipping to Argentina

WLH-D series is a heavy-duty double-wheel CNC Metal Plate Spinning Machine. It has a multi-axis and multi-channel control system, which can realize synchronous and staggered spinning, and can process blanks over 650mm in size. The lead screw, equipped with an independent spindle, is driven by a high-precision imported servo motor with powerful performance. The machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the processing of spinning parts in household, automobile, hardware, air conditioning, environment, fan, chemical and other industries. It can process various materials such as aluminum, iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper plate, aluminum alloy plate, etc. , which can realize general rotation and strong rotation of large diameter and large thickness.
Let's show you some shipping pictures of the Hoston Hot Sale Metal Spinning machine WLH-DRS650!