How to Control the Quality of Spinning Process?


Now consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of products while paying attention to the price of a product. Similarly, when customers buy Metal Plate Spinning Machine, at the right price, they hope that the purchased products will be more quality when used. Then, as a professional Sheet Metal Spinning Machine Suppliers, from what aspects should the quality be controlled?
Let's talk about the raw materials of the product here, some steel plates that do not meet the spinning process, usually if the amount of spinning pressure is too large, it will cause deformation and distortion of the steel plate. This is caused by defects in the material. When the metal is spinning processed In the case of a certain force, it will cause the deformation of the plate and cause quality problems at the same time, so we should check the material in time during the production process to avoid the quality of the metal spinning process caused by the raw material.

Then there is the machining accuracy. As we all know, metal spinning processing is operated by spinning machine. The staff only needs to set the relevant spinning parameters, so this requires the staff to be careful when setting Enter some values, it is inevitable that the wrong operation will affect the quality of the subsequent products, and then there is the usual detection of the spinning mold in order to find the problem and solve it in time.

The metal deformation conditions are good. During the spinning, the contact between the rotor and the metal is almost point contact, so the contact area is small, and the unit pressure is high, which can reach more than 2500 ~ 3500MPa, so the spinning is suitable for processing high-strength materials that are difficult to deform. Moreover, the total deformation force required is small, which greatly reduces the attack rate consumption. For processing parts of the same size, the tonnage of the spinning machine is only about 1/20 of the tonnage of the press.

In order to ensure the quality of metal spinning processing, the measures taken by different manufacturers will be different, but generally speaking, it is still similar. Only if the manufacturer controls the spinning quality, will it occupy a larger share while winning users. market.

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