Precautions for stainless steel spinning


1. The cutter wheel needs hard material

The general spinning cutter wheel can be made of high-speed steel, and the cutter wheel is not easy to wear.

2. The surface of the sheet needs to be brushed with stretching oil

During the stainless steel spinning process, the temperature of the sheet, mold, and cutter wheel is very high, so it is necessary to continuously apply stretching oil to the surface of the sheet and the mold.

In addition to the lubricating effect of the stretching oil, the stretching oil attached to the surface of the sheet also has the effect of cooling.

3. The gap between the spinning cutter wheel and the mold

The temperature rise in the long-term spinning process causes the gap between the cutter wheel and the mold to become smaller. It is necessary to adjust the gap between the cutter wheel and the mold in time. The thicker stainless steel material, the more obvious the temperature rise in the processing process.

4. Cutting grain wear

After the stainless steel spinning is completed, it is often necessary to trim the edge. Our factory basically completes the laser cutting, which is fast and convenient.