A Brief Analysis of the Features of the Control System of the Numerical Control Automatic Spinning Machine


A Brief Analysis of the Features of the Control System of the Numerical Control Automatic Spinning Machine

The control system of the CNC automatic spinning machine is its core part. Its characteristic is to digitize the spinning passes and other processing conditions. On this basis, various actuators are used to perform spinning processing on the workpiece.

At present, there are many companies producing CNC systems. For example, famous foreign companies include Siemens in Germany, NUM in France, and FANUC in Japan; domestic companies include China Everest, Beijing Aerospace Machine Tool CNC System Group, and Huazhong CNC The company and Shenyang High-end CNC National Engineering Research Center, etc. When choosing a numerical control system, the choice is mainly based on the various precisions to be achieved by the machine tool after the numerical control transformation, the power of the drive motor, and the requirements of the user. Here are several main CNC systems:

(1) Semi-closed loop control system driven by AC servo motor and encoder feedback. The detection element of the semi-closed loop system is installed on the intermediate transmission part to indirectly measure the position of the execution part. It can only compensate the errors of some components inside the system loop. Therefore, its accuracy is lower than that of the closed-loop system, but its structure and debugging are simpler than the closed-loop system. For example, the two-door IFT5 and 1FT6 AC servo motors are stable and reliable, with good servo performance.


(2) A closed-loop control system with asynchronous motor or DC motor driving and grating measurement feedback. The difference between this system and the open-loop system is that the actual position feedback signal measured by a position detection device such as a grating is compared with a given value at any time, the difference between the two is amplified and transformed, and the actuator is driven. The closed-loop feed system is more complicated in structure than the open-loop feed system, and the cost is higher. The design and debugging are more difficult than the open-loop system, but it can obtain higher accuracy than the open-loop feed system, and the characteristics of greater driving power index.

(3) The closed-loop control system of servo valve/servo cylinder and grating measurement feedback. In occasions where the stroke is short and the spinning pressure is large, a closed-loop control system composed of servo valves and servo cylinders is a good choice.